Monday, January 14, 2008


"Cowboy Bodi and the Flyin' Machines"
Is Created, Written, Produced, and admittedly flagrantly self-promoted by my good friend Greg, who also happens to star in the show.
Greg was one of these fellows continually plagued by being voted "Mr. Personality", "Most Likely to Succeed", "Most Handsome" 'Most Popular" and "Homecoming King" from the time he was old enough to walk down an aisle or face a flashbulb.
I think in the11th Grade he may have swept every category.
From the looks of this last endeavor, he is still at it.

What his classmates remember quite vividly about Greg were the Bell bottoms that he came to School wearing in the 10th Grade. I think they called them 'Elephant Bells" and measured upwards of 40" in circumference. I am quite sure they had a Gravitational field of their own as there were always several Cheerleaders in tow. Those plaid pants are still fresh in the memory of anyone who saw them.
Greg says they were really hard to walk in.

None of this went to Gregs head the way it would have gone to mine. He remains a terrific guy with an outstanding sense of humor who happens to be very good looking...and we can't fault him his looks can we?

So pick up a copy of his debut film. With a record like Greg's, who knows?
It could be worth a lot of money someday!

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