Monday, January 14, 2008


"Goooood moorrrnning!!!"
'How are you this morning?"
"I'm tired...I don't think I want to work anymore"
'Don't be ridiculous....its going to be a great day!"
I glance at her edgewise....
'Are you taking those diet pills again?"
"Noooo (laughing).... I've been reading "The Secret""
"Oh god help us"
A long minute of silence. Then she says
'You used to know the Secret...way before the book was ever ran around telling everyone how you were the luckiest guy in the world. Everything you did just seemed to be great and everyone wanted to be part of it-"
She looks at me with that confident smile.
It demands a reply...
"I'm still lucky...I'm lucky just to be here"


Anonymous said...

Has an interesting take on the Laws of Attraction & Karma.

On the other hand, when I think jelly donut, I don't usually end up with sardines.
Quack, Quack!

Mother of Invention said...

Ah, you've still got it!

We've all got lucky at one time or another. I'm lucky to still be here too!

GEWELS said...

You, my dear, are lucky to have Waterbaby around to remind you of how lucky you are, even when you don't feel so.

Barbara said...

You two are too much! How did it go having the family back in one place over the holidays? I hope your daughter will keep writing. She's got your writing genes. Now if you could just get Rip to tell his story...