Monday, January 21, 2008


Had a dream that featured my old friend Danny last night.
We were Chefs together.
In my dream we had two boats and an elaborate system of nets and we would troll for shrimp at the nearby freshwater lake.
Then we would take them back to my Apartment.
We would clean them and cook them and eat all we could and sell the rest.
It was like a cross between Forrest Gump and Blue Bell Ice cream.
We were quite successful and decided to take the show on the road and steam on down to Australia in search of Jumbo Tiger Shrimp.
But on the way we stopped at the Cook Islands and were not able to leave because of all the young Virgins we were required to service.
We ate a lot of Breadfruit.
Didn’t this happen to another famous crew?
Was it the Bounty or Horatio Hornblower?
No matter, because we lived a life of ease in a tropical Paradise.
It could happen, I suppose.
They say somehing similar happened to Tony Romo.


GEWELS said...

I believe it may have been Captain Cook himself. Until he was murdered on the Big Island of Hawaii, that is.

Old Lady said... that's what you call it now. Hmmmm.

GEWELS said...

HaHa- Old lady is too funny!

Barbara said...

There's nothing better than fresh shrimp, fresh-steamed. Spicy red sauce with lots of horseradish in it. Man, I'm hungry for Gulf shrimp.

GrizzBabe said...

I don't think Romo was surrounded by an virgins. Although, I'm sure Jessica was serviced well.