Friday, July 17, 2009


One year tomorrow, not so much as a glass of O'Douls psuedo-beer, nor a Wine Sauce with my Pasta, or a Benedryl or Vicks inhaler. No Opiates, Amphetamines, or Barbituates.
No Mexican Fireweed, White Robots, Pink Witches or Strawberry Fields.
If you had told me I would do so a year ago, to stay clean and sober, I would have asked you "What for?".
I'd have told you that I would have to use, eventually and soon, if for no other reason than to settle my ass down a little, make myself a little more quietly bearable.
And to get that sinkfull of dishes done.

I have since found lots of reasons "what for".
I have gotten used to my loud-ass, over-the-top, in-the-center-ring-spotlight self.
I can look my kids, my friends and my past in the eye and spit.

Fuck the dirty dishes, let 'em pile up to Kingdom Come...I ain't usin' no matter what.


SkippyMom said...

Congratulations!!! You should be very proud :) Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing with us.

Annie said...

Congratulations! I like your attitude regarding dirty dishes.

ALittleGuitar said...

Congratulations, indeed. I lift my Diet Mountain Dew in your direction.

cornbread hell said...


Misfit in Paradise said...

Here's to 365 more!

West Texas Insomniac said...

Congrats, brother. One year would seem like an eternity, unless it's one day at a time. Thanks for sharing your very special day :)

Hey Sreve!

GEWELS said...

You da Man!

Love you- now go on out and buy yourself some paper plates to celebrate.


soubriquet said...

Mister Bulletholes, Well done, Sir!.
It's good to hear that you are getting used to your "loud-ass, over-the-top, in-the-center-ring-spotlight self", I suppose that's a big part of recovery, getting to know your real self, not the creature created by psychotropic substances. And of course, you never get to really know that one, because you're messed up at the time by those substances, so....

This last year we've heard from the real you, sometimes struggling through tough times, but bouncing back with humour and a care and love for those around you, a man taking control of his own life, accepting that sometimes we all need a little help, that sometimes we can be that help for others.
The underlying Steve comes out in how you write, how you talk of people and events, as a caring, thoughtful, and humorous person.

I'm lucky, in that alcohol makes me sick as fast as it makes me drunk. A good friend of days gone by did not have that sickness, he could just get drunk and keep on going. Somewhere along the way, it took over, and he lost the ability to return to our world.
I sometimes wonder, if booze didn't leave me heaving and retching, could I have gone there too? Slipped off the edge?

Well done Steve, Wishing you well for every tomorrow.

red dirt mule said...

you're my hero, cowboy !!!!

Mother of Invention said...

Congrats! I'm proud of you! Keep it up..I'm cheering for you.