Wednesday, September 09, 2009


“Susan, I’ve got a date with a lady Friday night!”
“Really? How did you manage that?”
“Well, she said that she might be going to the show, and I told her that if she went, I‘d meet her there, but if she didn’t go, I wouldn’t go myself.”
“You think that’s a date?”
“That is not a date!”
“Sure it is”
“Steve, you have a funny idea of what a date is”
“Yes, I know. You got to understand….if I am in line at the grocery store, and the lady behind me happens to glance at me…well…that’s a date. (laughing) And if she actually makes eye-contact and smiles, man, that’s a great date.”
“You are really sick aren’t you”
“Yeah, all us men are. If a girl happens to smile at us, all we can think is “Uh-oh, she wants me”. That’s just how we think. Surely you knew that.”
(hesitating)”No, I’m afraid I didn’t”
(Cheerily) “So the thing about my date Friday night…the way I see it…and you have to listen close…
I think maybe that she thinks maybe that I think maybe it’s a date so….Its a date!”
(long pause)
“When is the last time you had a date, Steve?”
"I had a date New Years Eve”
"Really? What year Steve?"
(long pause)
"Oh, I don't know, like 1999 maybe?"


Martijn said...

Great one! "that’s just how we think. Surely you knew that". Beauty! It's like with "shrinkage": you assume it's common knowledge, but is it? Ladies, help us out here!

Anonymous said...

Last night at the grocery store, a pleasant looking man smiled at me, held the door open and asked me how I was I am not sure what to make of that....

Martijn said...

It's obvious, I'd say
How ARE you doing by the way? ;-)

GEWELS said...

Goofy! You've had lots of dates and you didn't even know it.
Hi Stevie

bulletholes said...

My stock answer to the query "how ya doin'?" is always "Anybody I can".
Believe it or not, thats what my DAD used to say, and he wasn't prone to saying such things. I think it was 1950's style Salesman talk.

So, Anonymous, next time someone asks you
"How YOU doin'?"
just smile sweet and flutter those eyelashes and drawl
"Any 'ol body I can!"

Martijn! Good to see you! Hows the 'Dam?

Hi Gewels, How you doin' baby?

Veda27 said...

Haha I love it!!!!!!!!

Barbara said...

It's a date if you want it to be. It's just a matter of semantics after all. I think you should have as many dates as you can muster up!

Kellyann Brown said...

My father told me once that I would know I was in love, when it would make my day to just go to "Walmart for a cup of coffee" as a date with a fella. My dad is so right, I would meet Dr. R. anywhere for a soda and consider it a "date"!