Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been looking for something to post, and finally found a little inspiration...

It was the Opening Day of Deer Season, 1987. I was in the woods when I heard the Wang-Chung song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" faintly through the trees. I followed the sound to a dilapidated three story building. It looked like George and Mary Baileys house from "Its a Wonderful Life"
The door swung open and I entered to find women everywhere in various stages of undress.
Two of them approached me and asked it I would like to "Wang-Chung tonite". I took off my blaze Orange cap and hunting vest and set down my gun. They asked that I leave my boots on.
I set about kissing the Blonde, while feeling up the other, a big busty Redhead.
This was more fun than hunting.
(Can I say that here?)
I moved my hand down from the redheads ample breast to between her legs and was surprised, no...SHOCKED to find a penis.
My mind was split into three part was how good a kisser the blonde presently was; two was how truly hot this redhead was,; and three what to do with this dick in my hand.

All I remember was thinking "Well, ol son, you do know what to do with a dick, don't you?" and that "this IS way more fun than hunting" so....what the hell?

Thank God I woke up before I got too carried away.
Thats my Wang-chung story and I never thought I would actually ever tell it.


Lily said...

lol, I never have/remember naughty dreams, you lucky thing you!

bulletholes said...

I got out of this one just in time!
Hi Lily!

Barbara said...

I think the Blog police would give this an X rating!

Martijn said...

You should be ashamed of yourself... to go deer hunting! Tssss. No, I'm just kidding. Brave and damn funny story! Hey!


GrizzBabe said...

You have the most interesting dreams!

GEWELS said...

Steve- your mind is a strange and wonderful thing.