Friday, May 28, 2010


My friend UF Mike says that writing a blog is like digging a grave.
So I helped my friend Robin set herself up a blog this weekend. We got to the part where you name your blog and after much consideration she came up with a line from an Emily Dickinson poem:
“Dreaming in the Amber Rain”
and just to be a bit stylish, she decided to spell “Rain” as “Rayne”.
Then we worked on her profile for a bit and it got to be time to write a post.
As she thought about what her first post should be, I reflected a bit on her Blog Title, and after a few moments had to say to her:
“You know what Robin? I think maybe “Amber Rayne" sounds like a Porn Star name” to which she replied very indignantly “It does not”.
Then she accused me of being rude.

But I could see the wheels spinning in her mind, and as kindly as I could, I said “Maybe we better google it, just to make sure” and…”spit-spot”…the next thing we knew we were looking at a picture of Amber Rayne with a big ol' dick in her mouth.
As UF Mike says:
“You've got to build yourself a hole, then put something in it.”Oh, yeah.


soubriquet said...

Amber Rayne is like a golden shower, is it?
Might just want to rethink that blog... Unless you want a career in sleaze!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, my friend. The story is hilarious, per usual. Amber Rayne indeed. Whenever I need a porn name for a story, I use Tawny Buttocks. Because I think tawny and buttocks go well together.

UF Mike

Lily said...

tawny buttocks??!! Makes me think of the back end of a cow, lol. (Although now I come to think of it...) Bulletholes,you've obviously spent far too much time perusing porn sites to be so tuned in to the names used, tsk tsk.

Dave Mows Grass said...

Someone over at UF Mikes came up with Crystal Knocked. Still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve!! I already read it at UF's, but it is still hysterically funny and, what's even better, saying so much over these times and practices.

I haven't been here a while. That has nothing to do with this fine blog and everything with me and my hide-out mentality. I can't handle all the imput of sending & taking in all those messages. It's like riding roller scates while cleaning one's ears out with a paper knife. But I'm so glad to see your blog keeps rockin'.


bulletholes said...

I'd put up a limk, but we took it down. She then considered renaming it "Mountains of Amber" and I tiold her I would avoid anything at all with "Amber" because there are abou 1,472,569 porn stars named Amber.
She has lost her desire to blog.