Friday, September 02, 2011


Funny, here I am with all these blog posts covering 4 years and outside of a few "Shoe Based" menu's, I have never left ya'll a recipe'. At a readers request (Kim)  here is something nice and light and tres petite for the end of summer...

Creamy Cucumber Soup
Peel and seed cucumbers, half inchrough dice, into the food processor with just enough heavy cream to fill halfway up the cukes. Get it?
Pulse lightly, don't overdo it.
S&P, finish with lots of fresh dill cut with a knife, not in the processor.
Float a little dollop of sour cream and dill sprig as a garnish. Or not.
Best if you chill nicely for a few hours. Keeps well overnight.
Serve in a big red wine glass.

Clean, so very clean on the palate. Some folks put yogurt or lemon and other stuff. I prefer it unmasked and pure.
Have a nice Holiday Weekend!


Kim said...

thanks, Mr. BH, sounds simple and lovely. probably tastes best served in your clean apartment though.

bulletholes said...

Are you asking for a demonstration?

red dirt girl said...

I'm with Kim ..... a demonstration sounds most excellent! A by the way - a certain Don Keyhote left you a message on my blog - see the southern vernacular post ... you might have won millions!


bulletholes said...

Yeah, i saw that Red. Don did it up beyyer than I did. My foryune is made!
Did you follow the link above? to a post I took down several years ago because it was so ...scandalous?
I'm so glad thats over for you.

red dirt girl said...

hey cowboy,

yes, i'm glad those days are past as well - BUT - I seriously miss our shoe/menu collaborations. That was the most fun I've ever had on the blogs - before or since. Thanks for being such a good friend and co-conspirator .... ;) (the wink that started it all)


Martijn said...

That sounds very good indeed. No cooking involved, just blitzing raw, cold cucumber with cream & dill? I can do that.

Holiday weekend? What holiday? How many holidays you have over there?!

Funny comment, Kim! I remember Bulletholes: "No, you have seen it cleaned." Ha ha.

bulletholes said...

Martijn, yes, you are talking about this click here. i want you to know that my place has stayed clean, to the point that Susan has actually been able to come over a few times when she was in town. How about that!