Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of Quarter

Man, I can't think of a thing in the world I want to talk about just now.


Martijn said...

Every day when I drive to work by bicycle -- if I go by car, I take a different route -- I pass a sheep farm. By the side of the road stands a large bin, an old oil drum. On it is spray painted in orangy red letters: 'KADAVERS'. The meaning of the Dutch word isn't hard to guess: cadavres.

But let's not talk about this. It isn't nice. Sometimes, not talking is the best (I don't mind my blog is on the blink). Or gibberish... I like gibberish too, like the verification words I get to type here: kootom, gihans, blikloom, werewolf. Hey Steve, how about that other 9/11 story?

bulletholes said...

Man, I know it doesn't sound very patriotic, but I am flat birned out on 9/11 stories. Mine is as boring as they come.

Martijn said...

Understandable. But you announced it in the previous post, so I thought: let's hear it. I know there are still dillions & pillions more intersting 9/11 stories to hear & tell... but perhaps it's better none spoken. I know mine are not worth while.