Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Richard Thompson: On Becoming a Sufi`~

“What it was really,” he says, “I had been waiting as long as I could remember for an appropriate way to thank God. Simple as that. I wanted to say thanks for life and creation for being here and I didn’t know how to do it. It sounds pretty basic but as I prayed for the first time, I felt an overwhelming sense that this was what I had needed: to put my head down on the ground and feel I had submitted to something greater than me.”
Question: To stop searching for meaning?
“To stop using my brain for thinking and to start using it for reflecting.”

Down at my NA group we talk a lot about prayer and meditation. I think about this quote a lot when we do. What a great way to use the word "reflecting".
How do you think he means it? What form(s) of the word reflect do you think he suggests?

What it means to me is that whatever gets thrown at me I always have the opportunity to live by the principles I have learned in my program, to demonstrate how a higher power has worked in my life, and that no matter what may shine on me, I am responsible for what shines from me.

Something like that.

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red dirt girl said...

Well there is the definition that reflecting is to be seriously thinking, but I like the archaic definition of 'bending back.' To me, it is a way to give back to the creator the praise and gratitude for the life He gives me, and the thought of yielding / submitting seems to go with that thought as well, bending back to God (as how you define god to be in your life.) Lovely quote. Definitely a keeper and the image is perfect-o!


SL said...

Awesome post Bulletholes! " matter what may shine on me, I am responsible for what shines from me" is extra especially awesome!

Al Smith said...

Terrific. Writing, like all my public actions, is a reflection for me. From my thoughts, processing and raw gifts comes forth shimmers of accuracy because nothing in my external world is a perfect image of my internal - nothing. like your image, the careful observer will always select the captured subject from the water reflection no matter how calm or amazing the scenario may be. Thanks.

David Kanigan said...

Yes, I see the connection...