Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My sister LIsa and I, we had this huge fight a few weeks ago. Its left me with a guilty conscience, and a feeling that I am too focused on the problem.

I got an Email from a buddy a few days ago. It said “You could use a few of these” and there was an attachment. I opened the attachment and there was an Elevator Repair Form. I thought WTF is this, and looked at the questions on the form.

“I believe the damage was solely due to_____”
“What is the repair cost?”
“Is there any value to the salvage”
“Has a proper Preventive Maintenance program been in place for this equipment?”
“What, if anything, could have been done to avoid the damage?”

I looked at all the questions on this form (they reminded me of my Tenth Step) and I couldn’t help but think about my sister. And my friend that sent me the form, ol' Donnye, I knew he was vaguely aware of the fight with Lisa and I, and figured he was just trying to help or something. So I sent him back one of these… A Formal Apology form:

(click on image for a more readable version; it is hilarious)
So he sends me back an Email that says “HUH?” and I send him one that says “You sent me a PDF of an Elevator Repair form. If you want to know the details of me and Lisa, well, I don’t really want to talk about it.”
His reply? He said meant to send me this…I guess he’d been fishing that morning.

Anyway, we get so focused on problems and personalities sometimes.
You know what the solution is, the solution for me?
The solution is I don’t ever have to use any dope again.


Anonymous said...

True enough.

soubriquet said...

Many is the time I could have used an elevator repair report form for trying to mend the things I have done or said. What a pity it is that human relationships are so much easier to damage than repair.

bulletholes said...

I don't see repairs anytime soon. Some things just stay broke. Best just to move along.

red dirt girl said...

Good for you!