Monday, October 10, 2011


I dreamed I was looking at houses to buy. I found myself alone. From the closet in the master bedroom came a low throaty growling sound. I stopped dead in my tracks. I listened intently, and there it came again, a low rumbling “grrrr”.

I began to back slowly away, just like in the movies and again “ggrrrr”.
What strange beast could this be?
I turned and began walking towards the front door, and again but Louder now “GGGRRR!”
I opened the door and bolted through the front yard as fast as my feet could fly, but I could feel the hot breath on the back of my neck, and now the growl was deafening
I opened my mouth to scream and could not.
And I woke up clutching my sheets and found it was only my sweet lover, her face on my shoulder, snoring away.

1 comment:

soubriquet said...

I trust she's not likely to read this blog? Otherwise, you're in trouble...
Oh boy... knee deep and sinking.... there's no safe recovery from that one GRRRRRRRRR hahaha....
I might know someone a bit like that....