Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I think at least once a day, I fall in love with someone.
I know, I’m fickle, I always have been
But you, you who shine, you need to know this
That there are others just like me
We see you
And someone right now, just out of your sight
See’s what you are doing
And smiles
And someone else, just out of earshot
They heard what you said
And they fell
For just that instant, they fell in love with you
So if you think you are safe
And if you think you made it home again
Having a nice tea or soda
Unnoticed and anonymous
Just keep doing what you are doing
And just keep saying those things you say
You just might have a secret admirer.
bulletholes 1/23/2012


Kristi said...

This is so lovely.

bulletholes said...

Aw, thanks Kristi! Its my one poem for the year.
But I need a different title, one that doesnt give away the ending.

SL said...

You are just always full of surprises! Very nice Bullets!

bulletholes said...

Thanks SL! I always wonder how many people a day fall in love with me, and I dont even know it.

Lucky said...

What a beautiful sentiment.

beth said...

Nicely done! I've written a lot of poems but not shared them too much. They are awful. But on and on I go. I have hope to do better one of these days.