Tuesday, January 01, 2013


In addition to losing Townes van Zandt and Hank Williams on New Years days 1997 and 1963 respectively, we also lost the relatively unknown (and elusive) Ted Hawkins on a New Years Day.
Ted preferred his gig as a street performer around Venice Beach and a life of addiction, jail, and restlessness  to recording  and fairly successful European tours.
But in  1994, Geffen Records finally nailed him down long enough to get an album out him. "The Next Hundred Years" brought some success to Hawkins, it was a breakthrough album, but Ted died of a stroke New Years Day, only months after its release.
Its one of those albums that plays great all the way through, and you might find it on the throwaway shelf at Half-Price books.
From Ted's breakthrough album---


red dirt girl said...

Happy New Year, cowboy !

much love,

bulletholes said...

Happy New Year Red!

Inspector Clouseau said...

If you are a Hank Williams fan, you may find the movie about his life, "Your Cheating Heart," to be of interest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Your_Cheatin%27_Heart_(film) ; http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058765/ ;

I used to keep a Smithsonian Magazine article about Williams, "Honky Tonk Poet, stored on my computer. I misplaced it, and I have been unable to acquire a copy from the magazine. It is an exceptional piece. If you happen to come across someone with old mags, look for it.

Martijn said...

I am a Hank Williams fan. More than a fan even. I play his songs to and for myself on my several guitars. That he not died in 1963 but in fact in 1953 is not important even because Hank will live on...

[Nothing good to write tonight, Steve, I'm sorry. But I'm not a robot.]