Sunday, April 21, 2013


I can't even tell you about. There are no pictures, no names, and  I really shouldn't even call it a date, but here it is 3 o'clock in the morning and its like I'm 16 again, ready to throw myself of the Hurstview Bridge.
It really does suck, finding out you still bleed red, and can still get hurt..

Here we are at _______  ________, having the time of our lives.
Ive never spemt an evening feeling so close, so warm, and so full with someone I can't even acknowledge my love for.
I can tell you all about it in 100 years or so.


SL said...

Did you do something different to your hair? Ok, just kidding. I am sorry you are feeling blue Bullets. Hope the world looks better real soon.

bulletholes said...

Everything is better now. Still, its a real shock to find I still have feelings after all these years. I must be getting soft.

soubriquet said...

She was babysitting again?

'Keep passing the open windows'

bulletholes said...

I have managed, so far, to keep from going and sitting in her front yard in the rain.
Her husband probably wouldn't understand.
Or probably would.
Either way.

Hey Souby!