Thursday, August 15, 2013


My tapestry. Finally hanging on a wall again, MY wall, after many many years. Its one of a set of four. I used to have two of the four, the first having belonged to my grandmother. I was completely fascinated with it from when I was a little boy. I ran across the second of the set (the one pictured above) a long time ago, and it became my life ambition to find the other two.
I have since lost, through neglect and dissipations of a personal nature, one of the two I had. It is still my life ambition to replace that one, and to find the other two as well.
Take a good look at this. Should you ever run across one of the other three that go with it, you will know immediately, and I hope will make haste to contact me.


I wrote the above a while back, and posted the image to Facebook. It was a desperate plea to replace the one I lost, and maybe find the other two that go with the set.
That very week i was looking on EBAY and found the missing Tapestry, one just like the one my grandmother had given me, the one I was so fascinated with as a boy. 
100 bucks, an auction item on EBAY. 
With much excitement, I placed my $100 bid an hour before the auction expired, and was over joyed to find that I had won, and the missing tapestry would be replaced....

From the picture you really can't get a feel for the scale. The piece is almost 6 feet long and  2 feet wide.
But not so fast...
It was my first experience with EBAY, and imagine my disappointment when the seller contacted me and said he was withdrawing the item, cancelling the sale.
His reason? He says he did not ask for enough for the tapestry, and it was worth much more that the $100 he had started the bid at.
"How much more?" I asked, because I want that tapestry more than anything in the world.
"Five-Thousand Dollars!" he said "Thats what it appraised at in 1978"
"Well, sir " I said "Your $5000 tapestry didn't garner much interest at $100. In fact, if it weren't for me coming along with my interest, and my interest being solely sentimental, you would have had zero bids at the $4900 discounted price. so why don't you go ahead and name a reasonable price, and we can go from there"

It didn't do any good.
I never heard back from him, saying he might take two hundred, or two thousand for it. I really can't imagine what his deal is.
I don't believe for a minute this tapestry is worth $5000 to anyone but me.
But one thing is for sure....that tapestry is out there somewhere, and I'll bag it.
I will bag it one day.

The one pictured at the top of the post that I still have, I bought that one in a junk shop back in 1983 for 40 bucks. Funny about that one...I've actually seen it in a movie one time, but it was a movie I'm best not to discuss, even here at Bulletholes...

Anyway, as I said earlier, take a good look at these. If you should run into one of the set it will be obvious, and I hope you will make haste to contact me.

Oh, here is a painting I have hanging on my wall. It is the same painting that is above the mantle in this image. it was my grandfathers. I wish I knew who the artist was.

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