Tuesday, August 06, 2013


I thought I had lost this picture a few years ago. It was very upsetting because I don't have too many pictures left of the old man. I don't even have much stuff of his left, like the tackle box that sits in front of him here, and all the lures that were in it. I enjoyed them for a while, and lost them, and I wish I'd set them aside, just so that I could look at them one more time, and show them to my boy, that he might enjoy them too.

But after I moved last month I came across the envelope that had gone missing, the envelope that said "Dad Fishing" on the outside, and to say I was overjoyed to find what was in it would be an understatement.

I don't know why I am such a sentimental fool, and so full of nostalgia, except to say that I love my memories, even the ones that hurt, even the ones that make me so crazy sometimes.  This picture was taken in March of 1958, I wouldn't be a year old yet, and as I remember Dad is at Lake Benbrook, pulling out of the Marina in Uncle Perk's boat, and I cant tell you how cool it is to think he fished wearing a tie and a fedora hat, like Rock Hudson in "Man's Favorite Sport".

 I can tell you that one of those lures in the top tray is a Heddon "Crazy Crawler" and it fetches about 80 bucks these days. but that is nowhere near the value this picture has for me.

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