Saturday, September 28, 2013


When the Red Dirt Girl was in town this week I had hoped that maybe she would be able to go with me to see my pal Buddy, and meet some of my friends at a Buddy Whittington Show, and we would jam to Slow Rolling Train or Grits Ain't Groceries, or any other of Buddy's great songs..
But it just didn't quite work out that way. I hope when Souby gets to Texas here in just a few weeks that maybe they will be able to come up sometime and we will have some good fun and listen to some Buddy.

It was great to meet Red after all these years. We mention from time to time the fun we had in the early days where Red would put up some picture of a shoe, and I would build some kind of menu around it. It may sound far fetched, but it wasn't that much of a stretch once we got rolling. In fact, lets see if maybe I have a picture of a shoe handy....
OH! What do you know? We just happen to have one here!

The rule has always been in determining a Coral Snake from a King Snake:
"Red touch yellow, kill a fellow
Red touch black, friend to Jack"
So it looks like we are in business, especially if there are some black fishnets somewhere near.

Now all we have to do is come up with a menu for this shoe. This shoe is almost biblical. It reminds me of the verse in Genesis that says the serpent was the "craftiest creature in the garden, except the woman".

So, for an appetizer, we should go with a nice Rattlesnake-Leek Consomme', with some Quail Quenelles floated on top maybe.
For the entree I'm  thinking Filet of Sole (haha) ala Pompei, garnished with Seedless Green Grapes, Lobster Coral and Mississippi Baby Shrimps in a light White Wine Sauce.
For dessert, a chocolate Treasure Box, painted with Gold filigree, filled with White Chocolate Mousse on a Raspberry Coulis and seasonal fruits garnish.

I've still got it baby!

I went back and looked around, and found an excerpt from a long time ago, not about me or Red, but about the real star of this show, Sobriquet. Here is his place in the Land of Oz, that I had compared my pals here to at one point:

Soubriquet, whom we have not seen in these parts recently, I think we will call him the Farm Hand Hickory, I believe Hickory was building a wind machine and is the Scarecrows Kansian counterpart. Sobriquet has taken to giving us lots of Video Tech, and I miss his rambling stories. He is a parcel of information, but in between the Grit of his Gears I sense a tender Tin Mans touch.
Somewhere they will erect a Statue for Souby.

A statue for Souby! Who would have thought in 2008 it would be in Texas!

Anyway, it was such a pleasure to meet an old friend for the first time. Its really amazing how well you can get to know someone over time on the blogs when they present themselves in a genuine fashion. A few of us have come a long ways together.
As soft and sweet as I always thought Red would be, I was surprised to find that she is even softer and sweeter in person, if not even a little bit demure. She really IS a lot like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!
This post is full of links to all sorts of places and I urge you to follow them to your hearts content. I dont think there is a way to tell the full story here, we lived it and watched it being lived. We really helped each other get through and get over.
Thats the trick sometimes you know, getting over what you just got through.

Oh, but back to Buddy and that Slow Rolling Train. heres a tune off his Dr. Wu Project. I'm not sure who wrote this song, but it really is a great song! They stop clowning around and get to the music at the one minute mark. Hurry home Souby. Take the fast train.


red dirt girl said...

Ahhhhh ...... this is sweet! Thank you, cowboy. And I completely forgot that you had 'added' to the Oz post. Not surprising though considering how little I am able to keep in my brain these days! When you refer to the statue of Soub, all I can think about is that huge statue of Sam Houston on I-45 near Huntsville - hahahaa.

Demure? moi? okay, maybe a little. Actually I'm shy when I first meet people. It takes me a while to relax and be myself.

But you are great! Love you so much. Big hugs xxx

bulletholes said...

Demure may have been going to far. I was just a little relieved to find that you weren't over the top, irascible, obnoxious, ill-mannered, loud, and crazy, like me.
And yeah, that statue of Sam Houston is kind of what i have in mind!

red dirt girl said...

I'm just glad you could be yourself and I could be myself and we can still be good friends, right?


ps. I'm glad it wasn't you that wrote that OCD piece because I was truly ready to call out a bulletin to some friends of yours for an intervention ..... that's serious stuff there.

bulletholes said...

Just being me seemed to come real easy next to you Red! As unabashed as I may seem, that is not always the case.

bulletholes said...

Oh, I didnt see your PS. Yes, I think several people were ready to do a welfare check. I actually put that to draft a few months ago. I needed something to post so.... voila!
I don't post much stuff in real time, especially if its sad.