Monday, July 14, 2008



Anyone remember this one?

I never did finish the series and write about Dorothy.

Dorothy...She said she had a Hard-Scrabble Soul; the Ruby-Slippered One, my Rubber-Band Girl, the woman from DHRT, A Poiny-Toed Specialist First-Class, our Over-the Rainbow, Bars in the Window Bluebird looking to fly... to fly...home.


"Pay no attention that that Man behind the curtain!"

Then in a diminished voice...
"The great and powerful... Oz...has... spoken"

Toto pulled the curtain all the way back to reveal a tired old man, hunched over and pulling the levers that controlled the fearful image, the smoke and booming voice that had left Dorothy and her companions so full of awe and dread. The charade and masquerade now over, Dorothy voiced her reproach.
"You are a very bad man"
The poor man shamefully, humbly, offered her this:
"Oh no, no, no dear, I am a very good man, just a ...very bad... Wizard."

So ladies, you might cut us a little slack sometimes when we try to be things we are'nt. Aren't. 'Aint.

I hate to say it but I am going to...if I have learned anything, fellow Wizards, its that you better listen to the ladies in your life. They just seem to be more human than we are and they are right about what you ought to do. They have our best interests in mind ALL THE TIME.

I don't know Citizen H real well, but I would nominate him for the Coroner here in Oz. To quote Alice Cooper;
"My shots are clean and my... shots are fine".
If you are fuckin' around, he'd just as soon shoot you. I imagine him to be a good shot.
As in Real Damn Good.
You know where the Citizen stands, and like the Coroner, his decisions are final. I keep waiting for some fish stories to come out of his kayaking adventures.

Soubriquet, whom we have not seen in these parts recently, I think we will call him the Farm Hand Hickory, I believe Hickory was building a wind machine and is the Scarecrows Kansian counterpart. Soubriquet has taken to giving us lots of Video Tech, and I miss his rambling stories. He is a parcel of information, but in between the Grit of his Gears I sense a tender Tin Mans touch.
Somewhere they will erect a Statue for Souby.

Rods Duck Farm is truly unique and I go there to see what wordplay nonsense he may be up to.
I would call him Uncle Henry and 'A Horse of a Different Color" and I believe in the book series there was a duck character (not these) which would be right up his alley. "Lonesome Duck" from the 13th Book is described "The feathers were of many hues of glistening greens and blues and purples, and it had a yellow head with a red plume, and pink, white and violet in its tail."
Rod is a "Man of the Cloth" and would tell you that the only real Wizard was nailed to a cross.

My nephew Dave I'm going to nominate as 'The Lollipop Guild" because of the way he sings and dances (I have never seen or heard him do either) but have you got a load of that mug of his? Dave also would qualify as professor T.E. Woggle-Bug from the books, who hid himself in a Schoolhouse and became educated. Dave is the personification of the idea that you can "observe a lot just by watching". Dave was raised by two of the smartest folks you would ever want to know.
Daves humor is so understated that he might skate right bayou. He plays a helluva bagpipe.
I got my eye on you, boy!

At last we come to David, who draws conclusions and I was tempted to do an entire page to him, but if you have beeen around these parts for long you may note that on occasion I find his posts so worthwhile I defer my own to him. I would imagine this will occur regularly, such a Wizard is he. He raises very smart Topics and Tags and Subjects and always gets very intelligent comments, right up to where I throw my 2 cents in.
Remember Professor Marvel? David is like Professor Marvel, who told Dorothy her future after rumaging through her knapsack to get her vitals. 'Reaching into the infinite" he called it and that is what David does. He reaches into the infinite!

Me? I am the Guard that tells Dorothy and her companions to go away.... then breaks down into a flood of tears after hearing their story and lets them into the Emerald City.
He says "I had an Auntie Em myself once."
I am a sucker for a Broken Heart.


GEWELS said...

Ah the men of Oz... Love you all- particularly your teary-eyed wizardness.

Now where did I put my ruby slippers? Oh, I forgot- I never had any....sigh.

soubriquet said...

A statue!? Is that all?
How about:
"The Ersatz Soubriquet Institute for Inappropriate Engineering"?

Thak you Steve, I've killed that video... look for blogposts soon, maybe a holiday picture or two?
Yes, I've been away a bit, time of work, good company, and a temporary cessation of bloggery.

dorothy said...

well ..... you might be a sucker for a broken heart, but you make a damn fine shoe shiner for a gal with a pair of dull red shoes.

they're ruby ?? well, i'll be 'swan' - (that's what my hard scrabble granny used to say when amazed) ... i always figured it was just the dust of red dirt staining my slippers.

do ya' think they're worth any money? 'cause you see, this little bluebird has been bein' stalked by these big vultures and on occasion they swoop down and snag a dollar or two or...... thousand from her beneath her wings and promise they are 'protecting' her from all the other evil birds in the sky ....

hmmm....dorothy could use a little wizard wisdom at this point. the door might have swung open on my cage .... but i'm still waiting on the threshold. i'm just so afraid i've forgotten how to fly ....

and dammit, if my singing pipes just don't seem to work anymore ....

all i want is home. all i want is home. all i want is home. all i want is home ....


(a bit bedraggled - notice the rip in the hem of my picnic cloth dress? the worn down heels of my slippers?)

ps. wizard, i've always loved ya 'cause i could see right through that curtain and figur that it was a real good man i was a seein' - a real good man ....