Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I said "this is the last time"
A few times ago
But once more it's happened
And that's all in the world I know
I still hear the echo
When you hung up the phone
I feel like I'm lost in the back yard
Just trying to get home.

I woke up in a strange world
I can aptly describe
It's like the streets of a town where I lived
When I was too young to drive
It all looks so Familiar
But I can't find my way
I must have got lost in the back yard
When I went out to play

Don't open my eyes
To nothing like truth
Just leave it all lost in the wind
Let it hide in the blindness of youth
The facts of the matter
Most likely will always remain
And I guess I'll be lost in the back yard
Till I get home again

j. mcmurtry


Barbara said...

What is going on in that life of yours? Job? Love life? Family? Lost in the backyard doesn't sound like a place you want to be!

steve said...

Ah, barb, you are pretty good!
I wish it were family, job or love such, but its entirely personal...thats all my lawyer says I should say.