Thursday, July 24, 2008


"Oh Lord, won'cha buy me a night on the town..."

With both kids now out of school I was feeling a bit down…

"got an idea tell you what we do
lets go to that place out past the Turtle Bayou
maybe get lucky, maybe get shot,
couldn't be more than half the trouble i got"

But I’ve been having a lot of fun lately ….went to a bar with my friend Laura last night and got pretty drunk. Drunk enough to approach the prettiest two women in the bar. They were all dolled up and sat at the Bar as though they probably rented those stools 6 nights a week and spent all their energy turning guys away
“Cockblocking” I think they call it.
These two looked like butter wouldn’t melt in their mout.

Anyway, I went over there and asked one if I might “bum” a cigarette as I don’t ordinarily smoke, but would like one anyway.
They both looked at me as if I were a bug. The brunette coolly pulled one from her pack while the Blonde looked me up and down in complete disatisfaction and I went back to my stool, talking to Laura and watching them turn men away.
Laura kept teasing me to go talk to them and try to get a phone number, and we laughed at the lines I came up with to try on them.

As we were leaving, I told Laura to “check this out”. She followed me towards the door and I paused at the Bar and slowly pressed myself in between the two girls I got the Cigarette from. The dark haired one looked at me like ‘What are you doing in my space” and so I whispered to her in my deepest, manliest, sexiest voice:
“‘Thanks for that cigarette…it really took my breath away
and kinda wrinkled my nose at her.
Her Blonde friend just busted out laughing, slappping the top of the counter and wiping a tear from her eye.
Thanks for the cigarette…it really took my breath away” she repeated back and looked at me like I'd made her night.

I'm not usually that slick but....
Yeah, that was pretty good.


Barbara said...

So did the blond give you her number?

Kellyann Brown said...

Pretty slick, Steve!

steve said...

No Barbara...I was lucky these two didn't cut me into a million pieces...Thought it would be smart just to live to flirt another day.

kellyann- thats darn good for me...I usually place my big foot into my mouth right fast.