Monday, July 28, 2008



I can remember chasing her through the house, each of us on a tricycle, through the Kitchen, into the living room and past the Dining room table where Mom and Dad were laughing at us.
I don't think we got to do that but once, at least I can't imagine our parents letting us do that often, but it was sure fun.
I can remember Ballroom dancing with her when I was 6 and she was 4 at the Whittier Hotel in Detroit to 'The Girl From Ipanewa" holding her in the classic fashion as we worked our extended arms up and down like we were priming a pump.
The next year we waited expectantly, both with the Measles, for them to deliver our copy of the Soundtrack to "Mary Poppins" to the door.
On weekends there was the ever-present Jigsaw Puzzle set up in the living Room and she and I would fly around the room, waving our arms about to the strains of Herb Alpert, Dean martin and Andy Williams.
But things changed fast when we discovered "The Monkees" then "More of the Monkees" and finally "More of More of the Monkees".

"HeyHey we're the Monkees"!

I remember a few years later she and her friends that would spend the night would be singing "Those were the Days my Friend" in these odd Cabaret-ish voices. I did not know what a Cabaret was, but it struck me as an odd song for a bunch of 4th Graders to be singing.
And when they kicked in with "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" I thought it was totally inappropriate.
I wonder even today if they knew what they were singin' about.

I kind of lost track of her when she started hangin' up the Bobby Sherman posters.
I was busy hanging up Black Sabbath album covers.

In the late 70's, my sister always had KC and the Sunshine Band playin’…
Then she got into Meatloaf, that was pretty edgy for her.

I get a call from her 3 weeks ago...
‘Guess who my favorite band is now” she says.
“Um, George Michael” I said
“Must be Clay Aiken" I try.
‘How “bout Nelly Furtado
‘Well, Face, (that’s my pet name for her) I’m going to have give up because I can’t think of any music that sucks any worse.”

I nearly fainted, but managed to ask her
“Rabid Metallica Fan, Huh?
Is there any other kind?”

She has one of the most diversified and Eclectic collection of CD's you've ever laid eyes on. last year it was the blues. The year before, New Age.
Next year it will probably be the Gamelan.
Davy will no doubt take this up before long.

"In Javanese mythology, the gamelan was created by Sang Hyang Guru in Saka era 167 (c. AD 230), the god who ruled as king of all Java from a palace on the Maendra mountains in Medangkamulan (now Mount Lawu). He needed a signal to summon the gods, and thus invented the gong. For more complex messages, he invented two other Gongs, thus forming the original gamelan set."


Dave Mows Grass said...

Gamelama ding-dong!

Bout time she discovered Metallica. No doubt the local teenage rock station plays Metallica on a regular schedule so she can build her Metallica literacy. Here in Springdale, 93.3 has Mandatory Metallica at 9:00 PM and 104.9 has Metallica Meltdown at 5:00 PM. Still no daily Junior Brown feature.

Minx said...

My sister had dreadful taste in music but was useful when it came to nicking her shoes. I don't think she ever forgave me for giving her David Cassidy poster a punk makeover.

steve said...

Dave, too late...she knows more about Metallica than Metallica.

Minx-Yessireeebob and betchabygollywow! i still have my David Cassidy Love Beads somewhere. Probably tucked away with my Susan Dey Autographed Poster.

Minx said...

I didn't quite understand the foreign words you used at the beginning of your reply but I will add you to my blogroll because you look as if you might make quite a good adversary. I also think that Susan Dey should have died (slowly) a long time ago.

Let war commence - heh!

steve said...

Minx-The first term is uniquely American, used in Advertising to hype a product-
"Yes, sir-ee Bob, step right up, eve4rythings gotta go!
the second is a song by...The Stylistics?....and I'm not sure why I threw it in there...

when the Partridge Family was singing "i can feel your heartbeat" all I could think of was checking the pulse of Susan Dey.

All I really needed to say was....
It always comes down to shoes and underwear, don't it?

GEWELS said...

I'm a Bobby Sherman gal meself....sigh!

What the hell ever happened to him anyway? I'm sure he still looks EXACTLY the same. Just like Peter Frampton does.

GEWELS said...

OMG- I just looked him (bobby) up. He DOES still look the same, only now in uniform...sigh. In fact he's even better looking than before. How is that possible?