Sunday, January 10, 2016



I had a pamphlet a Monkish looking fellow gave me at the Atlanta Airport on November the 8th, 1980. He looked pretty surprised when I put 20 bucks in his little cup. He reached into a little box and produced a bigger pamphlet, more like an entire book, and gave it to me. It had a picture of the Dali Lama on it i think. I took a $40 cab ride to see an old girlfriend who had moved to Atlanta specifically to get away from me. I was young, and I guess I oped to salvage the affair.
I was going to stay a week, but I left after 3 days.
I left the pamphlet and book behind, and never gave much thought to them since.
It was a good lesson in non-attachment.
Thats about all I know about Buddhism.

Hold the presses! They were Hare Krishna's now that I think about. But the Buddha would probably tell you that one could learn non-attachment from a Hare Krishna. There is no law against it.

The book from the Atlanta airport. "Life Comes from Life".

The Dali Lama himself is a pretty cool cat.
China would like to take up the supervision and oversight of the Dali Lamas reincarnation. They are also a bit miffed that the Dali Lama seems to be relatively unconcerned with his own reincarnation.
“I don’t think the Dalai Lama would mind if you saw this through the prism of Monty Python,” Robert Barnett, director of the modern Tibetan studies program at Columbia University, said in a telephone interview. “But he is reminding the Chinese that, from his perspective and the perspective of probably nearly all Tibetans, the Chinese [or anybody else] don’t really have a credible role in deciding these things.”

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