Friday, April 29, 2016


Mark asked me that morning if he had to actually, you know, GO to his Benefit. 
'I dont want all that attention" he said. "Its embarrassing" "
Well, Mark, I think people are expecting you to be there. So, yes, I think as a general rule ones attendance is required at your own Benefit, especially since there have been a few benefits lately that it was impossible for the honoree to be there, if you know what I mean". 
Mark hung his head, played with his eggs. 
"I was afraid you'd say that" he said. "I've asked about 6 people, and they all tell me the same thing". I laughed. "Is there anyone left to ask?" 
"No, I guess not." 
"Well, I'll be seeing you about 3 O'clock then" .

I started to tell all about Mark, how he had started taking pics with his phone camera a few years back, then he bought a stick to steady the camera, and started taking videos of music shows, until one day some pro photographer (they say it was Larry Dillon) said "Hey man, I got a bunch of old gear you might come dig through, and see if we cant get you set up proper", and Mark and Larry got him set up proper, and Mark would go to all the music shows he could, taking pictures of the acts, and more pictures of the folks enjoying the show, (he used to want to film me dancin', but I always told him "If you want to SEE the show, you are going to have to COME to the show"), and as I was to find out the last time I saw Mark, the photographers like to take pics of each other taking pics, like this one of his friend Robert he took at Reds just last Saturday.

Everybody knows while Mark was in the hospital  someone came and ripped off all his gear, and a benefit was held by Mark's friends. an undetermined amount of money was raised, enough to replace all his stuff, and I have to think the total was quite substantial.

But I didnt want to turn this into a long post. Mark went from being a hobbyist to a professional photographer in about two years, and along the way everybody loved him, He was as much a part of the scene as the musicians themselves.  He was famous, though he didnt want to be, and his great humility always shone through, and now that I've put it down I guess I really regret not letting Mark film me dancin', just one time.

Marks camera, taken by Robert Keith, 4/23/2016 at Reds. Mark passed 4/27/2016. 

This has got to be the loneliest camera in the world right now.

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