Thursday, April 21, 2016


I've never had a really nice grill and smoker before. Always just the little 50 dollar rigs that dad's use to cook burgers twice a year. But I went ahead and got a pro model. its bigger than it looks. When I got it to my apartment I discovered that it would not fit through the sliding glass door to go safely and secure on my back porch.
So I bought a chain, and a motion detector, and dared anyone to try to steal it from under the stairwell.
Well, as things go it didnt take long for it to attract the attention of Apartment Management. They said it broke city code by "impeding egress".
The Grill Nazi's at my apartments have made me move my grill from sitting harmlessly beneath the stair to my back porch. I didn't even whimper, I just complied by pulling out the tools, removing the sliding glass door (it would not fit through otherwise) and put the grill on the back porch.
I hold no resentment towards the Grill Nazi's, and wont burn the complex down in retaliation. Not on purpose anyway.

When chicken thighs and country style pork ribs are on sale for 88 cents a pound, this is what $12 worth looks like.

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