Friday, April 22, 2016


So I had this dream last night. 

She had moved into the same apartments as me. 
Lived just a couple doors down. 
I went outside to smoke a cigarette, which is weird because I don't smoke. I look, and she is by her car, kissing some guy. She looked up, see's me, and I yell “NO!” and turned and started to run to my apartment. She’s running behind me, yelling “Stop!” and every time she yells "Stop!" I yell “NO!” and now my apartment is like 100 miles away, all the while she's somewhere behind me yelling "Stop!" and I'm running fast as I can yelling "NO!". 
Finally, I see my apartment. 
The door is wide open, just like I left it. 
I go running in, and stop to close the door. 
But I don’t. 
I stop, catch myself, and leave the door open.
Bittersweet. Surrender.
End of dream.

"...the heart breaks, and breaks, and lives by breaking..."
Stanley Kunitz, "The Testing Tree"

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