Monday, November 02, 2009


"We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity "

"Belief in a Power greater than ourselves does not come easily to all of us. However, we have found an open mind indispensable when we approach this step. If we look around us, we find many reasons to believe. Our belief may simply be that we can recover from a life of active addiction. The freedom from the obsession to use may be our first experience of a Power greater than ourselves at work in our lives. Perhaps for the first time in many years, our obsession with drugs no longer controls our every waking moment. Knowing that we don’t have to use today is a powerful belief in and of itself."
From NA Literature "It works: How and Why"

I went to my first NA Meeting a year ago today. The first thing they told me was that this program was simple and would take a long time. I knew that they would try to sell me some kind of higher power and wondered how they would do that. but what they didn't tell me was how much difference just not using, just for today, would make in my life.
And that it would make a huge difference in my life inside a year.

I don't have to believe in Eden, or the God of Abraham, Issac and David, whoever they are supposed to be.
I don't have to believe that dogs licked the blood of Ahab, or that Shiva will destroy the word, or that by abandoning myself I will find enlightenment.
I don't have to believe or disbelieve that "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his Prophet" or in the Six Articles of faith.
I don't have to believe in Life everlasting, the Second Coming, or Gabriels Horn

No, for guys like me that last sentence from the text really keeps my world asks little and guarantees nothing.
"Knowing that we don’t have to use today is a powerful belief in and of itself."


West Texas Insomniac said...

Hey Old Man,

Well, I find myself in my second month in my second try at sobriety. Sobering. And sinc I'd quit for health reasons unrelated to alcohol, I was a little pissed when I quit. You (kinda) know me. I love a cold beer in the sun or a nice glass of wine or two with my dinner. But I'm also a man of Faith, and I've been leaning on it more & more of late. He is showing me how to dance in the rain again.

Knowing God loves YOU just the way you are is mind-numbing. We are highly favored! We are HIS sons! As I was strolling through Albertsons the other day, I bought a bottle of wine. I'm feeling better...A glass or two wouldn't hurt, right? When I get home & open the rear door, the bag holding the wine tumbles out onto the concrete. The red nectar I thought I "needed" was running down the driveway. I laughed, closed my eyes, looked towards the Heavens and said aloud, "Ok, I get it!" I didn't rush back to the store. The moment had passed. A friend of mine had just told me "One individual life may be of priceless value to God’s purposes..." I like that idea. I'm not going to try and tell you that God broke that bottle of wine. I'd have people with butterfly nets chasing me around trying to give me some nice, soothing Thorazine. But I can't say with any certainty that He didn't either.

Mother of Invention said...

Perfect costume for you!!! Good to see you're doing so well!!

(Hey, my niece just got a job with the Dallas Mavericks!!!)

kissyface said...

Do you believe in Ganesha? He removes obstacles.

Still proud of you, out here in L.A.

bulletholes said...

Ganesha? Isn't that a dance step, or hand gesture or something?

bulletholes said...

Tim, I'm pulling for you. It would be hard to do this for just physical health reasons. Its hard enough just for mentaql health. In fact, I'd have never gotten started if it weren't for the legal system. But I found after a while that life just got better, so I'm a believer in that for now.
Rasy does itTimEasy does it!

Hi Mom!