Thursday, November 19, 2009


Reminds me of the time I ditched a car because I couldn't see the road for all the smoke. Thought there might be a forest fire somewhere, except the smoke was all between me and the windshield.
It would have been sad it it weren't so funny.
I was so stoned I was only going about 8 miles an hour and still lost control. It was like the steering wheel had turned to rubber.
I had a choice between a creek and a light pole.
I hit the light pole. It turned out to be one that the traffic signal light is strung up on. The pole toppled onto my car, and the traffic signal dropped to the middle of the intersection.
It was like "WOW, MAN, WHAT A TRIP!" and I got out of my car, leaned on the hood to keep from rolling on the ground laughing, and just cracked up.

Then I realized there were a lot of electrical wires on my car, and that sobered me up considerably. Made me stop leaning on my car too.
Got rid of my stash and waited for the cops to arrive.
I even drove the car away after they got the pole and live-wires off of it.
Like walkin' between the raindrops.

Whats really noteworthy though is inflation.
In 1975 the cost for a light pole, traffic signal and all the amenities was like $2000 including Labor.
What do you figure this would cost today?


Anonymous said...

You're a genius, pal. That's the funniest thing I've read in eons. THanks!

UF Mike

Martijn said...

Yes, okay on second thought it IS funny! It was me, Martijn, who at UF's blog said "funny if it wasn't sad". (I have the same signature picture, or whatd'yecallit, as Mike.) But of course it was the other way around: Funny. And so is this post here, with the whole story.

I wonder why Disaster Brought Upon Oneself is so darn funny!? I remember one time opening a photo camera and thus destroying an important roll of scientific pictures (which was the end of my carreer as a marine biologist) and I just lost it! Laughing SO hard! Tears streaming down! Wondering why the other biologists couldn't see the humour side of it? Why they were extremely mad in fact.

Yes, thanks for the story. Martijn

Martijn said...

Maybe I forgot to explain the camera incident properly. (You had to be there of course.) It was the underwater camera of the University. I forgot to put the thing on R (rewind) but rewinded it anyway. "It's very hard to pull," I said a couple of times to my friend, the guy who usually did this job. I pulled and I pulled and I pulled... "Ah, now it's free!" That was the moment when the film roll broke. I opened the camera. "Hey, what's this strange celluloid kind of thingy?" I asked. "Um... that's the film," my buddy said.

Unlike your story, mine is not as funny on paper as in reality.

bulletholes said...

Mike, it was your 'whiskey cloud" that brought this memory back...

Martijn, if it werent for laughin' we humans would die from all the pain. There is no success like failure...

Barbara said...

Did you have to pay for the traffic pole?

bulletholes said...

Insurance covered it Barbara!

Anonymous said...

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Martijn said...

I hear the Euro (the coin) is now worth one Buck fifty. So, I cold smash one and a half times more traffic poles than you! More bang for my buck. No, I'm kidding, I'm only interested in how a traffic pole relates to a Fender Strat... that's the question on my mind. Or, to put a finer point to it, why aren't the Fender Strats getting any cheaper here in Europe when the dollar has! I work in the tourist branch, so here I have the exact figures, in my archive of tourist rags... in October 2003, one US $ was worth 1.10 euro. They should be GIVING me Fender Strats by now.

Um... this has nothing to do with anything I guess. Well, never mind... hoorah for your 500 days!

dmarks said...

I think I saw that in "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie"