Friday, December 04, 2009


I was the lead singer/songwriter for a band called "The Batmen" in 1967...
We had 4 songs, all to the tune of "Louie, Louie".
Our best song was called "Its Murder", all about homework and having to wear school clothes and things we thought we knew about girls and stuff.
They made me the lead singer, because I had a southern accent, which was unique as I lived in Detroit. We had moved there from Texas when I was in the first grade. My voice gave us a chillin' "Motown" sound, with just a touch of Hank Williams yodel, as my boyish voice was changing.
I played the Tamborine too, but the drummer he got all the chicks, except for Cathy, who was just a slut but I didn't care.
Hell, it was the Fourth Grade and I didn't even know what a slut was.
We had a gig in a basement one time, and someone turned out the lights and Cathy let me feel her breasts, 'cept she didn't really have any, but in the Fourth Grade, whats the difference?
After all, it was the Summer of Love, and like most rock stars of that era, I don't know how we lived through it.


Anonymous said...

Great post, my friend. I missed the Summer of Love, partly because I was only 9 but mostly because the Summer of Love didn't reach the sticks of Littlestown Pennsylvania until approximately 1973, when suddenly everybody started wearing their hair long and saying, "Hey man." Love the band name!

UF Mike

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Yeah, that band name was a real sign of the times.
What cracks me up when I think back was that we did four songs all to the tune of "Louie, Louie".

Mother of Invention said...

That's a riot! I laughed at the Louie thing too! Looks like you're doing great.

Leslie Hawes said...

Move over Keith Richards...

Kim said...

You must be the product of a public school education. Feeling up a girl in the fourth grade. I got in trouble for holding hands in fifth grade. My teacher said what do you think will be next? He'll want to put his hand on your ... knee ..