Friday, November 19, 2010


I have yet to see an E-Mail promoting patriotism, prayer, the flag, or religious agenda that checked out to be true. Three recently recieved were about Mr. Rogers being a Navy Seal, Captain Kangaroo being a War Hero, and another where George Carlin talks about the paradox of our age.
None of these check out at all. They seldom do.
If I get it in an E-mail, I can almost guarantee its full of crap.
I won't even try to list all the bullshit I've received about Obama. Its nothing short of incredible, and even with my little imagination, I don't know where they come up with it all. 

And now I hear the US Mint has been removing the "In God We Trust" and "E Pluribus Unum" from "President Series" Dollar coins, the bigger plan being to eventually phase God out entirely from America's lexicon. In order to show my Patriotism, I should refuse any of these coins.
When I pointed out that this was blatantly false and any coins missing that text might even be worth a hell of a lot of money one day, the reply I got back was:
" Its better to be safe than sorry".
Better safe than sorry?
You scare the shit out of me.
Please, you assholes, take me off your mailing list.


SL said...

"Better safe than sorry"....really???

bulletholes said...

The exact words were
"I didn't bother to check it out because I figured somebody would and its much better to err on the side of caution these days".
Either way its stupid.

dmarks said...

Captain Kangaroo was a war hero, actually. A captain during WW2. Mr. Moose was Private Moose at the time.
Greenjeans was in the platoon too. It used to be camo, not jeans.

bulletholes said...

Hey D'! According to Snopes and at least one other site I went to (probably wiki) Captain Kangaroo was a Captain but never saw any action. i want to say that as I recollect, his enlistment didn't even start until after VJ Day. or maybe he never shipped out, never left the USA because it was so late in the war.
i won't waste any more time on it.