Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Avignon France, September of 1944.
Staff Sargeant Jack Rippy Renfro; 79th Fighter Group Army Air Force; attached to Patton from Egypt to Italy; then on to France.
Hey Pop.

If I just knew what you thought of all this.


Martijn said...

Very impressive: both picture and food-for-thought. As a man who never had a gun in my hand, nor had a gun faced at him, everything I have to say about the matter might seem gratuitous. We in Holland still love our saviours, that I can tell you. Those were in fact mostly Canadians and Poles, but in our opinion it were the Americans who saved our bacon. Heroic looking man, your dad! Almost Earl Flinn-like.

Anonymous said...

Totally dashing! And what a resume! And that mustache! Your old man was totally cool, Steve. As was mine, in a mustacheless way. WWII seemed to bring the dapper out of everybody!

UF Mike