Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I got to wandering around looking at some of the crap I've posted and came across and interesting list from December of 2007.
The post was titled "What you buy is what you own, and what you own is what you pay for". I think that is a corrupted Stepen King qoute.
The List is supposed to be wisdom of some sort I have gained over the years....haha!

I am…. therefore I’ll think.
Rub her feet.
This looks like as good a spot as any.
Its better to than not.
My best effort in exchange for your best effort...
Lift the seat-Lower the seat.
Sunday Morning=Pancakes & REAL Maple Syrup.
It won't look as bad after a little Nap.
Be nice until its time to not be nice...then still be nice a little longer.
Give more-expect less.
This looks like as bad a spot as any.
Stick and Stay and Make it pay.
Milk is best served  in a frosty mug.

Easy does it.
The Jumbo-Large Economy size is not always the best deal.
Don't drop your load.

In the comments there was one more that fell out...
Growing closer is the most important thing we will ever try to do.

I like that.

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