Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Davy always has some kind of list going. He is really quite good at them too.
I liked his “14 Affirmations” list and decided to make my own.
I’m not sure what an Affirmation is…maybe it’s a saying, or something you wished you’d known before you just did whatever you did during your last little episode, or words that are meaningless unless in the right context- and that context is usually a little beyond you.
But maybe some of these will mean something to you.
Some of these are original, others not so much.
For me, they are very important and I have spent my son’s fortune in finding them.

I am…. therefore I’ll think.
Rub her feet.
This looks like as good a spot as any.
Its better to than not.
My best effort in exchange for your best effort...
Lift the seat-Lower the seat.
Sunday Morning=Pancakes & REAL Maple Syrup.
It won't look as bad after a little Nap.
Be nice until its time to not be nice...then still be nice a little longer.
Give more-expect less.
Stick and Stay and make it pay.
Easy does it.

The Jumbo-Large Economy size is not always the best deal.
Don't drop your load.


GEWELS said...

"Give more-expect less"

That one's the best. Can you imagine how different the world would be if we all lived by that?

steve said...

Yeah, Gewels, its OK to want things , and maybe there are some things we should expect as well...but you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

GrizzBabe said...

I'm a big proponent of #2! And the sixth one ain't so bad either.

Old Lady said...

I had to buy my own foot and back massagers=$140.

Foot and body massage affords couples another level of intimacy that can strengthen a relationship. The act of feeding and physically tending to your partner is a deep expression of love that many people overlook and abuse.

Anonymous said...

what time did you say breakfast was being served ??? can I get coffee and OJ with that as well ???


Dave Mows Grass said...

Affirmations that aren't gibberish? That's a good idea!

Thanks for the plug.


Dave Mows Grass said...

Hey, I sent you an email greeting, bye the way. Let me know if your company's extremely efficient spam-blocker... Oh, never mind. I'll think of something else...

Barbara said...

I personally like "rub her feet."

All good words to live by.

steve said...

gRIZZ- We are continually zworking to improve our record on #6, and as a side note we will NEVER shrink another Silk blouse in the Laundry again.
"ol lady- We know that growing closer is the most important thing we will ever try to do.

Red- breakfast in bed is served 24 Hours a day...just ring the little bell on the nightstand

davy- There is nothing gibberish about being able to start and stop any machine. Your list was genius.

Barbara- who can deny?