Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Our Christmas Spirit is definitly on the rise, the RIP and I.
The apartment is clean, mostly.
The Pantry is full.
We have been shopping.
We even have Hot Chocolate and miniature Marshmallows.
We think it was the Mini Marshmallows that put us into sensory overload.
We were so full of sugar that we bought a tree and some twinkle lights.
Lacking any traditional Decorations, Balls or other Ornaments we were forced to adapt and improvise.
We have TP'd our tree and it is crowned by a full roll where the Angel goes.
We think Santa may leave us something special this year.



GEWELS said...

You will NOT believe this, but.....We actually used TP as our Christmas decorations one year too.
See, great minds DO think alike.
Weren't clever enough to use the whole roll on top though.


red dirt scribbler said...

what an awesome idea - my teenagers would love a tp tree!!! i'll have to try and remember that for next year.

in the meantime - PHOTO IT..... and throw it up on the blog .... i need a visual reference !!!


GrizzBabe said...

You and Rip are quite the resourceful lot.

Barbara said...

Just don't wet it! I'll bet Rip is loving his time with you.

Mother of Invention said...

At least when you run out of TP, another roll is not too far away!
Sounds like a college dorm tree!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Origami Christmas tree decorations? That's a good East-meets-West idea. Hey, those Japs do Christmas right!

Congrats on the newfound cheer! Now you're ready for the next stage, getting out that wallet!

Old Lady said...

See! Manly Christmas.