Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Why am I the only one in the office whose phone cord is twisted all to hell all the time? 
What am I doing wrong?
Is there some trick to this?
By the end of the day when I answer the phone, I have to have my head right next to it, even though the cord is 10 feet long. That’s why I have to shout all the time- I can’t get my face any closer than 6 inches to the receiver.

 I got my start in office work as A Kelly Girl. I was probably the best Kelly girl ever.
The Kelly Girl manager lady was always impressed that I had been a chef, (I think maybe she was hot for me) and told me one time it was too bad I couldn't come cook for her because "it was against the rules". I took her by the arm, pulled her to me real slow, and whispered in her ear:
 “And there would be some rule breaking going on, wouldn't there?”
She turned about ten shades of red.
She quit a few weeks later, didn't even say goodbye, and Ex-Mrs Bullets told me “You were moving too slow”
I said
“What do you mean "moving too slow"? I wasn't “moving” at all”
“Well,” she said “that’s too slow.”
Man, she really knows how to stick it to me.

Except for the twisted phone cord, I've gotten pretty good at this office stuff. Especially the office politics.
Take our persnickety Office Secretary.  She don’t miss much.
I told the boss one day “I think some days she’s gunnin’ for me”
Know what he said?
“I think some days she’s gunnin’ for me too!”

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