Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Down at my NA group we see a lot of Tattoos.
See a lot on young girls especially,
and they have colored themselves up all over
with laundry lists of forgotten lovers
skulls with rosette eyes
hooka-smoking caterpillars
and its going to be a long long life.

Sometimes they'll talk ink
and one of them
(that still has a few square inches of peachy flesh left)
tells about what she is going to put there,
on the last remaining patch of herself
that doesn't resemble something not her.
I just want to shake them and scream
But its too late already.
bulletholes, 3/2013

Thanks Red, for the inspire....But this one is nice, doncha think? She was totally there in '68.


red dirt girl said...

I KNEW that comment was a post-in-hiding!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her rockin' the Jimi Hendrix tatt. You GO girlfriend!!

LOLOL - just had a great moment playing Purple Haze for my youngest. He says he's played it on 'guitar hero' before .... geesh.


bulletholes said...

A friend of mine has challenged me to write a poem a month this year. Thats two so far. I'll be looking to you Red, for some good inspiration.