Sunday, March 10, 2013


The theme this week seems to have been on ink...

Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay
Were laid spread out before me as her body once did.
All five horizons revolved around her soul
As the earth to the sun
Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn

Ooh, and all I taught her was everything
Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore
And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds
Of what was everything.
Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...

I take a walk outside
I'm surrounded by some kids at play
I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear?
Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my head
I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning
How quick the sun can drop away

And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass
Of what was everything?
All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...

All the love gone bad turned my world to black
Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah...
Uh huh... uh huh... ooh...

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,
I know you'll be a sun in somebody else's sky, but why
Why, why can't it be, can't it be mine

From the first side of their debut of the best sides in rock if you ask me.

I posted a poem that I hadn't intended to share on Facebook, because it reflected on too many people that I know, and I didn't want to hurt any feelings. But I came across this picture, and changed the first line and posted to FB anyway.
"Too Late Already" has been well received.


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SL said...

I love this song too but I had never just read the lyrics. Like it even better now. Hi Bullets!