Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last weekend I got together with an old buddy.
I’ve had his number for a while, just waiting for a time to get together.
Bubba Dial.
No one has seen Bubba for 25 years, including me.
Anyway, I went over Saturday morning, we went and had breakfast and talked about the good old days when we ran by night, we lived it and breathed it, always in a bit of danger, but mostly just in pursuit of chicks ya know?
Bubba, he was a real ladies man.
That guy could pick up chicks like nobody’s business. He would flare his nostrils like some kind of stallion, and they just flew into his lap. These days Bubba doesn’t flare his nostrils so much…that’s hard to do when you have to carry an oxygen tank around every where you go. Hard livin’ eventually catches up to you, you know.
Anyway, we had breakfast, and talked for some time, and then I realized…BuddyWhittington was doing a show that night at a theater in Mansfield. Bubba hadn’t seen Buddy in 25 years.
So I got us a couple tickets and we went.

Now one reason I had been waiting to see Bubba was that I didn’t want to just sit around and relive the glory days, I wanted to really do something fun with my old friend.
At the Buddy Show they were having a raffle.
I bought 10 tickets.
First Prize was 100 bucks.
They had other prizes too, like Buddy Whittington CD’s.
Of course, the conditions were perfect for me to win the 100 bucks. That’s what I told Bubba. He was my little good luck charm.
So after they pulled the first number, and I collected the 100 bucks, I got back to my seat and handed Bubba my tickets.
“Here, man, you are going to win a CD”

And sure enough, he did!

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