Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The waitress takes my card to pay.
“Are you see your?” she asks.
“Excuse me?”
“Are you seen goo?”
I hold up my left hand, no ring, “Yes, I am single!”
“No,no,no,no….seen ger, seen ger” she says.
“I’m afraid I don’t understand” says I.
She turns the check over and writes:
“See your” she says again.
“Oh, I get it. Senior. I’m 57. How’s that?“ I say.

“No, you no see your” she says and off with the check she goes.


soubriquet said...

I am senior. I was delighted when Krogers offered me a discount card, and all manner of things I get 10% off for being an old fart.
My sartorial palette sees me in clothing of green and sand colours. At 60 years old, I don't look like I've just been invading anywhere in the service of a grateful nation. But I recently bought some stuff in Lowes hardware store, I usually do a mental arithmetic before I approach the checkout. The number came out significantly lower than anticipated, I said nothing and went out to the car before trying to figure out why.. "Military Discount"! Woo-Hooo! Old Fart, Military, what next? Oh. Englishman Discount? Is that a thang in Texas?

Bulletholes said...

You just have that Admiral Halsey look I reckon! Hey Soub!