Friday, February 27, 2015


When I was 19 I was on a Southern Comfort and coke kick. Then I got a bad cold. My theory was that enough Southern Comfort would knock it right out, yes?
So I got a big bottle and started chasing it with coke that Friday night. I was pretty drunk. Real drunk, and somehow I escaped from my apartment and went and hung out at the pool. I saw my best friend approaching, and he stuck his hand out to shake my hand.
Instead of shaking his hand, I hit him with the biggest roundhouse right hook I could muster. Flat out cold cocked him. Because I thought it would be funny, haha.
Then I passed out.
So now he and I were both on the ground (I’d knocked him out cold) and another friend came along and woke him up, and they carried me up and put me in my bed.
I woke up about 2 am and there was some chick in bed with me and my cold was gone!
My theory worked.

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