Friday, November 18, 2016


I am getting ready for Christmas and today we would like to put on our wish list the Donald Trump Navy Blue Two Piece, Two Button, Striped Side Vent jacket and Pant for the low low price of $173.
I’m still wondering how it works when President Elect Trump starts taxing what we are importing from China or Mexico as part of his winning trade deal, without causing the price of his suits, a flat screen TV or Ford Focus to skyrocket.
He says he will put a 35% tax on anything an American company makes out of country.
Will the price of this fine men’s garment, made in China, reflect the tariff and suddenly start costing $233?
Will Walmart still be able to sell me a 50 inch flat screen for 300 bucks?
Will that add 6,000 to the price of a Ford Focus?
Where will those taxes go? Back to the Corporation that paid the tax in the form of a tax break, eventually trickling down to me and my Ford Focus I paid an extra 6000 for? Hopefully, the price of corny dogs, mustard, and ranch beans will have gone down, lowering the numbers on my Misery Index.

Or how if he brings the jobs making the Donald Trump Navy Blue Two Piece, Two Button, Striped Side Vent jacket and Pant suits back to America, where instead of the labor costing 10 cents a day it now costs 10.00 an hour. Will the suit will still be affordable?

I'm sure,being a High-Powered businessman who has steered his ship through half a dozen bankruptcies, he has a simple, no non-sense straightforward answer to these questions.

I went to the Dollar Store and bought an umbrella one time.
Did you know you can buy an umbrella for a dollar?
Man, those Chinese, I don’t know how they do it. There are at least 20 moving parts and there must be almost a buck just in materials for an umbrella, but they make the heck out of them, generating millions of dollars in revenue.
I just cant imagine us being able to do that here. Not for a dollar. Not ever, 35% tariff or not.
Whats going to happen next time I need an umbrella?


Donna said...

I never liked those umbrellas made in China...they are cheap and break after a use or two. And just maybe, all of this will induce people to start building here again...just maybe...

bulletholes said...

I sometimes wonder what the people in China who are actually on the assembly line making this crap for us must think about Americans. That we would buy all this cheaply made stuff, and trinkets by the boatload.
I hope you get that this is written with my tongue in my cheek. I hope Trump does well. He certainly knows more about this stuff than me.
Me? The only time I ever used an umbrella was on a sunny day for shade at a Bluesfest. I would rather get soaked than carry an umbrella in the rain. Thats how dumb I am.
Hi donna! Thanks for stopping by!