Sunday, November 13, 2016


Yesterday I mentioned  a story about a great King who had embraced those he had defeated instead of vanquishing them. This is not that story, but it is very nice. A tip of the hat to Sawsan @ "Last Tambourine"

This is the story of a very kind and generous Arab King. The nation did not know hunger during his times.
He would part with anything, but one thing.
One of his horses was very dear to his heart. That was the one thing he wouldn’t let go of. Not for all the money in the world.

A thief decided to scam the king. There was one way to scam a generous soul.

He knew the King took his dear horse out for a ride, same time, same path, everyday. So, he threw himself on the ground, on the kings path, screaming that he’s been hit and robbed by thieves.

The king came down off of his dear horse, and ran to help this man.
He hit the king, and ran to ride the beautiful horse away.

The king asked him for one thing,
“Can you please not tell anyone how you took my horse?”

The thief said, laughing, “Why, are you afraid they’ll call you a fool?”

“No.” The King replied. “I fear people in my kingdom will not be stopping for a man in need anymore.”

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