Thursday, November 17, 2016


I hate backing up. I suck at it. Its horrible. You can think you are being careful, and then there is the guy going 20 MPH in a parking lot. Or the one creeping along that you think has finally passed you, but what he has done is STOP IN YOUR BLIND SPOT. When I go to park, I look for ways that I won’t have to back up.

I was with the Ex wife one afternoon. She wanted to stop at a convenience store and get a drink.
I pulled in and parked at the pump. Turned the car off .
“Are you getting gas?” she asks.
“You know I’m going in, right?” she says.
“Yeah” I say, nonchalantly.
“Well why don’t you park in front?”
“Oh no. No way. Much too dangerous”
Her hands went up, like she is bench pressing the air, she has the most exasperated look on her face I ever seen (and I seen it plenty) and all she can say is “UGH”.

So I did the right thing and went in for her.

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