Monday, November 28, 2016


I see America has having been always on an upward spiral. Sometimes progress slowed, but always always upward. 

Some folks might say “What about 2008 when the economy tanked. Wasn’t that moving backwards?”
But look what we got. We got a president that pushed a HC bill through and provided 20 million folks with insurance that didnt have it before. Some people scream about it, but the fact is no one can repeal ity without coming up with some kind of replacement. That’s progress.
He got us far enough  out of needless wars that I don’t have to sit there on Sunday morning and watch 20 names scroll by of dead soldiers that will be missed forever by grieving families.
People might point to the unrest and rioting in the streets.
This is nothing compared to what the country saw in the 60’s. who knows? It may be we are seeing the last convulsions of racism in America.
But I doubt it.

I see people hollerin' about Trump choice for Education Secretary. Apparently, she has no experience in education. I don't know that it makes any difference.
I survived the Cuisenaire rods they tried to teach me algebra with in the first grade. My parents survived the “New Math” they didn’t know how to help me with in the fourth grade. All that, and I still ended up in remedial math in the 12th grade. Everyone who has been against Common Core will somehow survive, and teenagers at fast food joints will continue to be unable to count back change no matter what program DeVoss puts in.
Lets try to keep our heads here.

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