Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A lady found a Masterpiece in the trash 4 years ago. She said "I knew it had Power"
It is now worth One Million Dollars.

When I was in the 5th Grade, Greg, Dave and I used to do a little trash pickin'.
Sometimes we would find old skates that could be turned into skateboards.
Sometimes we would find an old Baseball glove, or Basketball Hoop or even a Guitar with most of its strings.
But the real Trophy Trash was the Playboy Magazine.
And when you found one, you usually found about a dozen more right with it. Some of them would probably be worth a lot of money today.
We would drool over the pictures and giggle over the cartoons, pretending we knew what was so funny.
We knew they had power.

I had an Art Class at School and we did Pottery one week. I molded my clay and was just about to slide my creation into the Kiln when it caught Mrs. McGuilligotcha's eye.
"One moment Mr. Bulletholes, what is that you have there"
"Its a Rabbit"
"Let me see that" and she took my Rabbit.
She surveyed my Bas-Relief Rabbit with the Bow-Tie and Cocked Ear while I put on my most innocent face.

"That IS NOT a Rabbit" she said as she turned my little Playboy Logo into a lump of clay "Do something else."
I was dyin' to say
"What d'ya mean "not a Rabbit"?" but she was givin' me that look that says
"Thin Ice ahead, keep your trap shut!"

"Damn, that was beautiful " Dave whispered to me as I started to fashion my next little project...
"Wait'll ya get a load of this..." I whispered back, having forgotten all about the thin ice.


Mother of Invention said...

I can just imagine the 3-d art you created that day!
Your poor teacher!
Maybe she got a chuckle out of it once she was home though!

Water Baby said...

Oh Daddy...

GrizzBabe said...

What's with that teacher squelching your artistic expression like that?!? ;)

Old Lady said...

My parents gave up trying to hide Playboys. They just explained them to us and let us read them. I love Vargas and Granny.

Barbara said...

OK, are you going to tell us what you did for an encore? Such a creative mind...

GEWELS said...

Who's to say what art is, anyway?

you were one bad, bad boy!!!!

No wonder Waterbaby can only say "Oh daddy". I can hear a big sigh out of her right now.

Head Duck Wrangler said...

Yup, you shouldda made a soldier or a boxer or a football player ... something less violent and evil than a symbol of naked women!
Quack, Quack!

kissyface said...

ooh, what did you 'concockt' next?