Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have added a link today.
This guy cracks me up.
He's like some kinda hard candy that could rot your teeth, or chip them even, but deep down...
He is also very often right-on.
He reminds me of Rip when he was a boy and was so happy that he would screw up his face to keep from looking overjoyed.
He has a conversation going with someone named 'we" and posts as he goes through his torturous day.
You feel better about your own lot having read what he is up against, be it real or imagined.
Its kind of like Mr. Bean meets Jerry Springer.

He makes me want to go to Church.
He makes me want to sail a ship around the World and never come back.
He makes me want to quit my job and stop using soap.
He makes me want to pour some Hot tea on the Greenland Ice Cap.

I'd like to find a little guy and whip him.
I'd like to work at a soup kitchen.
I'd like to throw the switch for some child molesting scumbag.
I'll swanney, I could just about spit.

Introduced by the lovely Kissyface and vouchsafed by my own blood at Dave Mows Grass,
I give you...


Mother of Invention said...

HA! HA! Does he get paid per post??!! Very interesting! Have to read a lot more than a few posts to really "get" him but I can see a few areas where he's right on.

(I love "He makes me want to pour some Hot tea on the Greenland Ice cap."!!!)

Sanni said...

Hi Steve!

I´d love to come up with a Peace Globe for you... but I´m in need of a little bit more input. I´m a stupid German girl, you know? *giggles*