Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My buddy Soubriquet has issued an alarm concerning "The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels"...up till now I have been unconcerned.

My upstairs neighbor, Kelly, took me to the grocery store..
'Where dya wanna go" she says
"Walmart I guess" says I.
Halfway there...I glance in her direction and clear my throat
"No I changed my mind ...lets go to Albertsons"
"Why Albertsons?" she asks.
"Cuz all my friends are there and I want em to see me shopping with a BLACK CHICK!"
And she just laughed and laughed and then she did a U-Turn.

"Where are you goin'?" I ask.
I feared I may have offended her even though she was laughin'....but she says....
"We gotta go back so I can put some heels on"
We just had a blast in that that store.


Mildred X said...

Kelly is on of our best operatives. Good thinking, Kelly - that's the way to be quick on your feet!!

The Crazy King of Clowns said...

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Dave Mows Grass said...

Add this one to the "Posts that Worked" section. Will your friends be seeing you kissing a black chick any time soon? (No need to answer.)


Anonymous said...

One can absolutely NOT go to the grocery store without a fabulous, sexy pair of heels. I don't care what else you may be wearing.

Longing to be a "sister" said...

P.S. I didn't mean to be anonymous.

No need over here.

steve said...

You have definitly inspired me...i'm usually pretty shy on the first date, but nesxt time I think we will sachet down the Contraceptive Aisle and do a little lip-lockin'!

GrizzBabe said...

Way to go, Kelly! I like her.

And I wish I could have seen you and Kelly raising eyebrows in that store!

Old Lady said...

That's a good friend that will play along with ya!

soubriquet said...

Hope you wore your muddiest boots, Steve,..
That sisterhood, always chiselling pointier and pointier heels. And we men always installing more pavement cracks and drainage-grates, we like to see them struggle a bit; -and then we can be chivalrous, and rescue them.