Wednesday, February 02, 2011


We have had this huge ice storm down here in Texas. It has caused the local Socialist Electric Company to institute "Rolling Blackouts". I suspect they are taking MY hard earned electricity and giving it to people who do not deserve it.
The Communist Bastards!
This is how it starts. First they take your electricity. Next, they will come for our guns. Eventually I will not even have a single Lesbian Cow left; it will have been gored and I will be living off the Gubment cheese with out so much as a Tinfoil Hat with which to defend myself
Its all part of the Health Care Reform.


Rod's Duck Farm said...

That's the problem with staying off drugs and alcohol .... reality sets in.
It's not "Big Brother" ..... It's BIG BROTHERS ..... he wasn't an only child ..... and the brothers are constantly fighting over OUR stuff!
Rolling Power???? Roll-Your-Own!Just go to Harbor Freight and get a "power inverter" for your car ... or for your neighbor's car if you don't have a car. Then you can get a small amount of 110 volt AC to run a lightbulb or a cellphone charger or a laptop or a buzzer. If nobody has a car .... get a 12 volt marine battery and a Harbor Freight solar battery charger.
You may have seen the cartoon Futurama ....... "Bender" is a comical robot with a bad attitude. He's always plugging himself into an electrical outlet to get a charge ..... just can't get enough.
Quack, Quack!

Martijn said...

Keep cool! Hey Steve!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Steve. It's all a government plot to free us of our freedoms. It starts with rolling blackouts, and god only knows where it ends. With some functionary directing us to empty our pockets, most likely, because the gubment needs our small change.

UF Mike