Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was the guy that sat next to you that never had pen and paper when he came to class, and was always a bit surprised to find he might need one on this particular day, and acted as though he had never had to borrow a pencil and paper from you before today, and feigned total confusion as to what may have happened to his pen and paper, incredulous that it may have been stolen just this morning, or having inadvertantly left it in the cafeteria, or used the last of it during Math last period.
And you were the girl that sometimes would torture me for a moment, and claim that you had no more pencils to lend, but I knew that in a plastic pouch in your well maintained binder there was like a whole aisle of school supplies and paraphernalia; a compass and protractor, a pair of safety scissors, French Curve, at least 4 rulers, a slide rule, erasers of every ilk, markers, high-lighters and of course ball point pens and freshly manicured pencils.
I could almost smell them over the aroma of the big ol' roach stashed in my front shirt pocket.

I don't know how I did it, walking into a class I had not been to in some days to find that we were taking the Chapter test, and you might hold out for a while, but eventually your charitable heart and my droopy blue eyed smile and pretty blonde hair would win you over and I would have a pen with which to take my test.
I don't know how I did it.
The real miracle in all this?
How the hell did I pass those tests?


Kim said...

Don't you remember? Its because in addition to giving you a pen I also supplied you with the answers you blue eyed blond haired SYT

bulletholes said...

That may be Kim, that just might be!

bulletholes said...
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