Thursday, February 17, 2011


Somewhere they said it was earlyspring and other places they thought it was latewinter and either way you knew it was going to be bad business. The crops would need rain and rain meant lightning and the winds that howl and wake people up at night and take them thundering to places they don't want to go and whether or not they ever make it back its anyone's guess and its a bad bad business. But the rain comes, we need the rain because its good for bad business and the winds blow turning trees to lumber and we have to grow up someday and the car payment comes due and the wind blows while you measure twice the tow truck screeches when business is bad and the next thing you know you wake up in Raintree County.
Raintree County.
Where the trees grow tall and the rain hammers down like bushel buckets of nails .


Kim said...

very dylanesque stream of consciousness there, Steve. Nice.

bulletholes said...

Thanks Kim! Thats way outside of the way I usually write, but i thought it came out OK.
its actually just me doing my UF Mike impression.

Anonymous said...

No way. It's much nicer than anything I could have pulled off. Great stuff, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Uh, that was me on that last post. UF Mike